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Our aim is to provide high standard welfare support to members, carers and families through promotion of the following services:

Representation and referrals to relevant service providers

Hospital and home visits

Advice on services and entitlements and allowances

Emergency distress assistance

Funeral and bereavement assistance

Social outings and events designed to reduce solical isolation, promote camaraderie and encourage interaction within the general community

Temporary loans of mobility applicances

Drop-in centre facilities, education and training

For assistance contact us during office ours (0800 – 1200 Mon-Fri) on  07 4772 6608 or A/H 0428 799 922

Accessing mental health treatment

If someone has served/is serving in the ADF and they experience symptoms of a mental health condition they can contact DVA and ask to speak with someone about accessing mental health treatment and they will be put through to the mental health treatment team. Access to mental health treatment is then provided through a white card.

Click here for more important information on accessing mental health treatment